Costs of Demolition

Costs of Demolition

See below the factors that we consider when determining the cost of demolition.

Size of the structure: Generally a bigger house will require more man power, time and equipment to be brought down. To account for these costs, the prices for demolishing a bigger house will be higher as compared to a smaller house. Some small timber houses can cost under $10,000 to completely demolish and remove.

What to demolish: Whole house, partial demolition, swimming pool, tennis courts, will all cost different amounts. A swimming pool is common and generally costs a couple thousand dollars.

Material of the house: The material of the house also dictates the cost of the demolition. A concrete house takes longer and is heavier to load but the concrete can be recycled. A timber house is fragile and light and most of the timber can sometimes be salvaged.

Hazardous materials: If hazardous materials are present in the house, such as synethic mineral fibres and asbestos, it will cost more to remove. This is to cater for the use of our specialized equipment, the risks involved as well as all the precautionary measures that we have to undertake prior to the project. On average, asbestos removal costs roughly $2,500 for a standard house.

Accessibility: Costs also depend on accessibility of the site and distance from local waste facilities. Price will also slightly differ in Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

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