Demolition Services

From preparation to asbestos removal to demolition. We offer all services from start to finish in Brisbane and it’s surrounding areas.


Preparation for demolition involves approving the works, disconnecting electricity and gas, setting up a temporary fence, and sealing off the sewer. A demolition approval can be obtained in less than a week while disconnecting the electricity and/or gas takes up to 20 business days. This must be arranged before demolition may commence and can all be arranged by us or the client.

Asbestos Removal

If any asbestos is found during our inspection then it must be removed by professionals before demolition commences. Asbestos removal is usually completed within one to three days depending on the amount of asbestos found and its removal is included in our quotes. All asbestos removal is performed by licenced professionals legally and safely.

Demolition Services

Demolition of the structure can be completed within two days for small single storey houses or five days for larger double storey houses. Demolition is done with either our 13 tonne or 17 tonne excavator depending on the size of the structure. Concrete, metal, and salvageable timber is separated to be recycled while the rest of the rubbish is taken to the dump.

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